About Linh Son Temple

Linh Son Temple of Windsor, a Registered Non-Profit Charity Organization, has been located at the current site of 706 Goyeau St. since August 2005. Established in 1980’s as a private gathering-place-of-worship for the first generation of Vietnamese Boat People in Windsor; then accredited by the Linh Son Head Quarter in Paris, France in 1990. Linh Son Temple Windsor has expanded three times, each with a bigger and better facility, with the current worshippers in the 1000’s, from Windsor & Essex County to Chatham, London, …. ON, Detroit, Grand Rapid, …. MI.


Lễ Vía Phật A Di Đà 2016

Lễ Vía Phật A Di Đà 2016 Posted by Chùa Linh Sơn Windsor – Linh Son Temple on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tung kinh Vu Lan 2016

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54getZqFQaE https://youtu.be/cc09sSPcEXc

Vu Lan 2015

Các em dâng phẩm vật và hoa trong ngày lễ Vu Lan, chùa Linh Sơn Windsor

TT Thích Trí Thoát Giảng Pháp ở Chùa Phật Bảo, Philadelphia USA